Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition For Free

Finally! the fastest growing sandbox building video game today are now in the number 1 console the xbox 360, Mojang the developer and publisher of  the Minecraft and Microsoft believe they have the game to be sellable by xbox 360 owners, Minecraft has been a great success on the PC version try and download minecraft: xbox 360 edition for free , selling more than 4 million copies, Minecon. So the things we are starting to worry right now is just trying to make the game playable on xbox 360. But the greatest challenge at the moment is figuring out the market, because just porting it straight out the box turns what is really fun on PC into boring data entry on a 360 pad. That's the thing we are working on right now. The Kinect feautures are going to be one of the more interesting aspects, too.

Download Minecraft for Xbox 360 free

Imagine it, create it! build it! Minecraft on Xbox LIVE Arcade let's you build worlds from the comfort of your home. Play alone or play with your friends online. Explore, create and destroy the enemies! At night enemies come out, so make sure to create a shelter that strong as the real one before the monster conquer our territory. After that, create your own world with your imagination. Turn your lonely days into a great day with Minecraft!

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